What do I need to do to enroll my child into dance classes?


To register please click on the button above that says REGISTER and fill out the required information. Once you have fill out the form you will then be in our system and enrolled in the desired class. If the class is full it will automatically put you onto our waiting list until a spot has opened up. 

If your desired class is full and you would like to insure about another please feel free to call or email us for more information.

Also, please be aware that some classes require a placement assessment before you are allowed to enroll.

See Rates & Fees for costs.

Credits & Refunds

Do you do refunds or credits towards other classes?

DD does not offer refunds or credits towards future or past sessions, and tuition is non-transferrable. At that point, the studio, the instructor, and your family are committed to the class.


If a schedule conflict arises for your family, we'll do our best to switch your child to another available and appropriate class, day, time. DD adopted this credit/refund policy to provide the best classes for your child with the fewest interruptions. When students come in and out of classes, it can be very distracting to the other kids, and it diminishes the quality of the class as well as the instruction.

Make-up Classes

Do you do make-up classes if we are unable to attend class? What if classes are cancelled due to the instructor being sick and no substitute was available?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a makeup class for any missed classes.

If a teacher is unable to make it to class and a substitute is not available for any reason then a makeup class will be scheduled for that specific class at the soonest availability to the teacher. If you are unable to make the scheduled makeup class you will NOT receive an open gym pass.

Special Events are not approved for a make-up.

Team Classes offer no makeup days or Open Gym substitutions for any missed class.

Monthly Tuition

How does the monthly billing cycle work?

-Automatic Payment and will only be processed on the 1st of the month.

-Payments on the 5th will no longer be available.
-Personal Checks will no longer be accepted. 

-Statements are not mailed but can be viewed by logging onto the www.dimensionsofdance.com "Parent Portal." 

-If you begin classes in the middle of a month your bill will be prorated for the balance of that month.  
-You are required to maintain a valid credit card on file.
-A monthly reoccurring $15.00  "Late Fee" will be assessed on any account not paid by the 7th day of each month, the credit card on file will be charged on the 8th day of the month. 
-For delinquent accounts, you may not attend class until all past fee are paid in full. 
-A two-week emailed written notice is required when terminating a class, if no notice is given, you will be held responsible and will be charged the regular monthly fees, or until notice is given.

**Please keep in mind that notice must be given before monthly billing is due. Once payments are charged for the month, no prorations will be done and no money will be refunded.

**Per DD policy, all classes must have a minimum of four students to remain active. If there become less than four students, we will help you find another class.

Class Attire

What does my child need to wear to dance class?

All athletes must wear the appropriate clothing for each class


T-shirts must cover the stomach, sports bras may not be worn alone as a shirt.


Longer hair must be pulled back off neck and face.


No jewelry, with the exception of small stud earrings.


Clothing with buttons or zippers is not permitted.

REQUIRED attire for each class-

Ballet, PBT, & Creative Movements: leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in ballet bun

Tap:  yoga pants or leggings, t-shirt or tank top, socks, tap shoes

Jazz, Leaps & Turns, Contemporary, & Lyrical: yoga pants or leggings, t-shirt, leotard, or tank top, socks, lyrical sandals

Hip-Hop, Jazz/Funk: yoga pants or leggings or sweatpants, t-shirt or tank top, socks, CLEAN sneakers

Acro-dance: leotard & nude tights

Ballet/Tap: leotard, skirt, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes

Ballet/Jazz: leotard, skirt, pink tights, nude tights, pink ballet shoes, and nude jazz shoes

Jazz/Hip-Hop: leotard, yoga pants, t-shirt or tank top, nude jazz shoes, & clean black tennis shoes

Where do I purchase these items? And, when do I need them by?

We ask that your child have all the required dance wear no later than 1 month after starting their classes.

GREAT NEWS, We have an online store that ships directly to you! Visit:


1. Make an account

2. Choose "Dimensions of Dance" as your studio

3. Choose which class(s) your child is enrolled in and buy the required attire.

4. Ships directly to you!


*Please be sure to see a staff member for sizing before you order. 


Can you no longer attend classes due to a scheduling conflict?

For Recreational students, a two week emailed written notice is required for cancellations.

Team kids are responsible per contract.  

Late Class

What if we are late to class?

To minimize class distraction and for the safety of your child, any child that arrives 10 minutes late for class, will not be permitted to participate. The beginning warm-up portion of the class is vital to the safety of your child.

DD dancer


  Students should bring only these items into the gym:

· Mask to be worn while entering, in the lobby, in the loft, in the bathroom, and while exiting the building (they are not required while the students are in class)

· Wearing ALL dance clothes – the bathroom will NOT be open to changing clothes

· Small backpack, just large enough for shoes -(labeled with name)

· Leakproof water bottle that fits in a backpack/bag with shoes (must be leakproof and contain water only) - (labeled with name)

· There will be NO use of cubbies. Everything must go in the backpack.


DD has taken a lot of precautions to make sure that everyone remains safe as the virus is still a safety concern. We are doing all of this to keep everyone safe until we can return to normal. Rules and regulations are subject to change as we find ways to keep everyone better safe. Please see the updated rules and new requirements below. 


· Front building entry only - no parking. Drop off and pick up only

· Door to the parking lot, Old entrance, is exit only 

· Front of the building will have a handwashing station for all to wash hands before entering the building

· Class sign-in sheet and viewing sign-in sheet must be signed upon entering. Kids may sign themselves in

· Temp check required, Temps over 100 will be asked to come back next week.

· Masks required by everyone entering the building, children under five years of age we ask that you try your best regarding wearing masks. 

· Coaches and staff will be wearing masks/face shields 

· Please speak with your child before coming to class that they should not hug to greet each other and that we need to be careful and continue to practice social distancing

· Water fountain is for filling bottles, from the refill station only – no drinking

· Sanitizing stations available throughout the building 

· Student will be asked to go wash and sanitize hands if they cough or sneeze on hands

· Classes will be a bit shorter to accommodate cleaning/sanitizing that is done between classes along with nightly

   · All preschool and tot classes will be 5 minutes shorter 

   · All other classes will be 10 minutes shorter 

· To help with social distancing parents are not permitted to wait for their child in the building, we are asking for the parents of school-age children to drop off and pick up. Also no siblings will be allowed in the lobby or loft area during classes. 

   * If your child is in a preschool-age - 1 parent is allowed in the viewing area. Social distancing guidelines must be kept, as well as masks worn.

· Class ratios – 1/5 one adult to every five children with social distancing protocols followed to the best of our ability

· As your child enters the building, he/she will be directed where to go. Each student will have their own 6x6' square to dance in and their belongings will be put in a designated area around the dance room to keep in guidelines of social distancing.

· Please have your child arrive dressed for class

· New waiver signed by everyone in the parent portal


We are aware that this seems like a lot, but it has been going very smoothly. We put much thought into how to keep everyone safe to the best of our abilities, and we appreciate your help, understanding, and your business throughout these crazy times. 


We understand that some people do not agree with wearing masks, but they are required as we all need to work together to keep each other safe. Thank you for following the new guidelines. We are so excited to see you all again!  

 Kids with  Masks