The Company

Our Performance Company, also known as our Dauntless Dancers, is a group of talented young dancers who put in numerous hours at the studio training and performing out in public and at regional and national competitions. These young students are chosen by our staff members at our yearly open auditions and show exemplary technique and charisma. 

During our auditions our students are asked to perform 3 different genres of dance (typically ballet, jazz, & hip-hop) and participate in a short interview. We look for students who show a passion for dance, a well-rounded understanding of dance and technique, and are responsible and kind human beings.

Our company dancers are held to a high standard and are expected to keep that standard in and out of the studio. They keep our studio atmosphere inviting, uplifting, and encouraging. They are considered our role models and stand for everything we want to portray as a family. 

Dauntless Dancers have a minimum number of classes they are required to take each week and perform at numerous events and competitions throughout the year. They are the face of our company and family. If dancers are unable to meet the minimum number of classes and performance then they will not be able to be a part of our performance company, but continue as a member of the family as a recreational dancer. 

If you would like more information about our Company dancers, please contact our dance program manager and company manager: Amanda at


September 25, 2020

This season we will conducting our auditions a little differently, VIRTUALLY! lf you are interested in auditioning for our performance company and would like more information regarding the audition process please sign up by clicking the button below. Once we receive your information we will send you an informative email about our company.

DD dancer